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Welcome to Gymnastics in The Cave!

Cave TagGymnastics is a foundational sport. This means that the movements and skills learned in gymnastics build a foundation for all physical activity. Strength, flexibility and agility are developed to a level that is well beyond the norm.

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Class Program

We have classes available for individuals ranging in age from 18 months to 60+ years old. Check out our schedule for class times.

Adult Gymnastics - From brand new gymnasts to ex-competetive athletes. This class will challenge and inspire you. Have fun with a supportive group of older gymnasts.

Developmental and Competetive Gymnastics - Interested in taking your gymnastics to the next level. With a large highly experienced staff we can help you flourish as a gymnast.

Prerec Gymnastics - Get your kids started out right. Cognitive and kinesthetic development is key in early childhood. Performing highly technical movement sports like gymnastics has life long benefits.

Recreational Gymnastics - For kids 6 and up our recreational gymnastics program is a fun way to develop strength, flexibility and agility.

Toddler Gymnastics - Starting as early as 18 months, movement strategies can be taught and refined. Our little ones have a great time in these musical, active movement sessions.

Gymnasics Seminars - The staff at The Cave is uniquely experienced in teaching others how to teach gymnastics safely. We have spent nearly a decade developing programs and training for other facilities. Let us help your staff perfect their craft.

Upcoming Events

KNO October 10th

Oct 10, 2015 - Kids' Night Out Ninja Night
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